Howell Trading- Our Story

There’s a story attached to your next perfect brew. Our family has been growing coffee in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica for over 150 years. Our Patriarch, The Honorable James Dennis, was renowned for his skill and knowledge of the art of cultivating coffee. So renowned that the famed magazine, National Geographic, traveled to the Blue Mountain in 1979 to meet and speak to James Dennis regarding his talents in producing, cultivating and roasting such beautiful coffee.

Being seasoned coffee growers, we know of the hardships of the common coffee farmer throughout the world. We’ve banded with various small farms from all over the world to bring you the worlds best coffee at an affordable price.

Today, James Dennis descendants join with fellow small farmers from all corners of the Earth. Trading, purchasing and exporting FAIR TRADE coffee from Our farms to your cup.


History of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

It’s probably fair to say that Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the most revered and exclusive coffee on Earth. The story of Blue Mountain Coffee begins in the early 18th century. Coffee once it arrived, flourished in Jamaica, especially in the cool, misty climate of the Blue Mountains that rise up behind Kingston. Though production is much reduced from the 20 million pounds of coffee produced in Jamaica in the early 19th century, it remains the finest coffee in the world.